New Video: "Spiritual Revolutionary Remix"

In this video, José María Fierro joins up with fellow Arizona emcee Colby Jeffers, and Ontario-based rapper Karim Rushdy to perform a remix to the song "Spiritual Revolutionary" (originally done by Nabil and Karim). This video was done in one take in the middle of the forests of Woodstock, Ontario.

When this song was first released, it inspired Colby and José María to begin making their own music, and now this remix has brought all three artists together. The song has been taken on by many people, and this remix marks the fourth iteration of this track. The backing instrumental for this version was created by musician and producer Arlen Yanch in collaboration with the Badasht project back in September of 2013.

All in all, this track has retained it's impact and influence through it's call to action which promotes the idea that we can all make a difference in the world. This thought is summarized in the song's simple yet powerful hook, "I am the change that I want to see, cuz I'm a spiritual revolutionary!"